Marriage Wisdom, 6yrs in


We’ve been married relatively short, but I feel that I’ve grown alot in that time and seen from my own mistakes and by watching other married couples…some important things.

  1. Love your spouse, the way that speaks loudest to them. Do not stop loving them their way, no matter how busy or tired you are. When we are tired we tend to love our spouse in the way we want to be loved, because its easiest and most natural for us, but we must be careful to not do that for too long. Don’t assume you are loving them their way, check in from time to time and ask How did I make you feel loved this past week? How can I best love you this upcoming week? This allows for changes over time, instead of well he/she told me this made them feel loved and then that’s what you do until they die. People change, seasons are different, be open, always learning your spouse.
  2. Find what works for you as a married couple, not based on what other married couples do or how they do it. Don’t compare your marriage to others. You two are unique. If one is an introvert and one an extrovert-find a way to balance this out on rest days, so you are both refreshed without burning the other one out.
  3. Learn to discuss touchy topics, respectfully. Respect your spouses communication style. Perhaps they need a heads up of hey I’d like to talk about (fill in the blank) topic, let me know when a good time would be. Be sure to talk about issues that are bothering you, before you blow up. Also pray, asking God when would be a good time to bring something up that is bothering you or just a heavy topic, I promise he’ll let you know the perfect timing.
  4. Don’t let differences divide you. Learn to see them as an opportunity for growth for each of you.
  5. Focus on what you love about your spouse, call out the good in them, remind them why who they are…is awesome
  6. Vent your complaints about life to, God. Not your spouse. If something or someone in life is just driving you nuts and all you want to do is complain, whine etc, just ask your spouse to pray for you, tell them you are struggling and have them pray right there. DO NOT UNLOAD ALL YOUR NEGATIVE THOUGHTS ON THEM, JUST DON’T
  7. Remember you made a commitment, no matter how your spouse is acting. If they aren’t loving/respecting you how you want, it does not give you the right to mistreat them. You are held accountable to God for your actions, your thoughts, your heart-it’s not based on anyone else.
  8. Play together, do the things you both love. Be lighthearted and laugh often. No matter how busy life becomes.
  9. Always be your spouses #1 fan! Cheer them on, encourage them, call out the good, remind them of who God made them to be
  10. Be aware of spiritual warfare against your marriage. Satan wants nothing more than to divide you, put you against each other. If you see this spirit in your marriage, you are under attack.
  11. For women: Do not “MOM” your man. Do not nag, do not belittle him & do not take over. This is completely unacceptable. As women we tend to want things done our way in our time and if not, we take over and then resent our man for not stepping up. Instead trust God to take care of you- if your husband forgets to get something done or if it takes longer than you want, even if it negatively affects you, trust God and keep your mouth shut.
  12. PMS or life circumstance is not an excuse to be snappy, short, rude to your spouse. Yes, they see the best and worst of you, but that doesn’t mean life circumstances give you a free pass

Back Yard Adventure


I was gearing up to leave town for the week, so before I left I wanted to play one last time, with my mountain man. We decided to keep it simple and just hike the hill behind our house

It has been warmer recently so in my mind I assumed the snow was melted. I’m not sure why, because its only March but I was hopeful haha. Anyways, we needed snowshoes.

What I love about the hike behind our house is there are not alot of defined trails, so you find a new route every time you go out. We have never run accross anyone else, so its also peaceful and a nice getaway.

There are two kinds of hiking I enjoy. Social hikes & Solitude hikes. Social hikes I enjoy going with a group of 4-6 people, I love running accross other parties on the trail and meeting new people.

Othertimes I prefer going with one other person and mostly just soaking in the quiet beauty of nature. Anyways, hiking with my man usually is a great balance of both. Hiking is mostly done in solitude, enjoying the sounds of nature, but there are times of converstaion as well.


We found our way up the hill in time for sunset. It was fun trekking through snow, rocks, hard pack and powder.


Valentines Challenge


Valentines is quickly approaching! It is a holiday I have enjoyed, since childhood. It feels whimsical, pink & red colored construction paper hearts, an array of fun candy, cute little notes that come in all shapes and sizes.

I also know it is a day many people feel is only in existance as a harsh reminder that one is single or alone in this world. I have a challenge for you!

Wheather you find yourself in the boat of, I love this holiday and I’m already buying and eating the candy I intended to give to my friends,or I’m not concerned about the day because I have a significant other or I hate this holiday….this challenge is for you!

This Valentines Day 2017, May it be a day to remind ONE person, someone cares, someone notices them, someone see’s the good in them.

We want to be people who look/live like Christ, right? So we must walk every day in and by his spirit.God uses us to show his love, to one another, but we must be attentive and then take action. When someone comes to our minds, that is HIM putting them their, so act on it. If nobody is already on your mind,  ask God to bring someone to mind that could really use this in their life right now. You may find, a few people come to mind and if your funds will allow then do something for each one.

However just come up with ONE and then continue below. Perhaps its a close friend, a classmate,someone you see every day but don’t even know, a family member, a co-worker,  someone you do not get along with, or the post office worker.

Here are some idea’s of what you could do, depending on $

Super broke, Ideas:

  1. Draw hearts on the sidewalk with words of love for strangers walking by
  2. Call or text someone in your life that needs to be reminded of how much they are loved. Do not group text, make it personal
  3. Re-purpose any piece of paper you have laying around, to write a note, then drop it off at their door, leave it on their desk, stick it in their shoe, etc.
  4. Spend the day with someone
  5. Verbally share, how much they mean to you and something you love about them
  6. Make an Orgami heart (google it)

I think I have some change laying around somewhere, Ideas:

  1. Find pink/red paper & cut into heart shape, or use pink sticky notes, or find some surface you can write on (be creative), buy an envelope and a stamp
  2.  write something you love about the person on it, seal it, mail or hand deliver
  3. Buy one little treat to put with your valentine note. Could be a single piece of chocolate, a single flower, perhaps just something you know that person enjoys…don’t forget to draw a heart or something on it :p
  4. For the cost of a stamp and envelope you get 3 free “you are loved” pins:
  5. Buy colorful or fun pattern paper: make small envelopes out of it. Inside each envelope on a little piece of paper, write Scripture truths you think would encourage the person, perhaps make up 5-7 to open one a day for a week
  6. Walmart sells a bundle of 8 heart shaped lollipops for $1, can’t beat that! That’s 8 people you can bring a smile to their face
  7. Buy a pack of delicious tea (each tea bag is individually wrapped), add that to your note

The not broke, Ideas: 

  1. Make or buy a valentine card, write something you love about the person on it
  2. Bake some delicious valentine themed goodies (brownies, cookiebars,etc) . Fun ideas: google 28 sexy brownies to spend Valentines Day with
  3. Browse the Valentines aisle at walmart or walgreen’s and pick up a few items (perhaps a stuffed animal $4.99 @ walgreen’s), etc.
  4. Buy carnations and hand them out to your friends or even strangers, $7 for a whole bunch of them at City Market
  5. Buy these pins:

**If you are mailing anything, mail it by February 8th at the latest**

What ideas do you have? Drop me a comment below, I would love to hear them


Seasonal Affective Disorder

use-this-oneThis photo was taken today…signifying a major shift in seasons. My favorite nature color has vanished (green).

It took me years to admit it, but I suffer from S.A.D. As someone who loves to be active, loves to be outdoors-playing, there is a long season up ahead. The season that begins at the later stages of fall and goes through the winter. Besides not being as active, I am affected greatly by color and temperature. When the whole world turns from lush, vibrant tones of greens into greys, whites, browns and from sunny warm days to blistery cold ones…. It typically sends me into depression. I noticed each winter I became sluggish, sad, depressed but once I realized what was going on I also discovered that if I’m pro-active, I could prevent the majority of it.

I’ve found there are some ways to combat S.A.D. I know everyone who suffers from this may be different, some of it is due to chemical imbalances in the brain (so check with your dr.) I just wanted to share what I’ve discovered, alot of it is what my husband has helped me see, and maybe it could help someone else.

Start planning ahead.

As fall begins it is a gorgeous season, deep blue sky’s, sunshine, colorful leaves, but before you know it, the sun starts setting sooner, the sky’s produce more cloudy days and the leaves turn to brown and shrivel. The days begin to get colder…

Here is a list of things that have helped me. The number one difference maker is my #1 on the list.

  1. Exercise: If you have a routine, continue it even if it is an outdoor one like running.You can run in the winter, just learn to dress properly for it. If you do not have a routine, start one. Get moving, get some cardio going now. If you wait until its too late you’ll be too depressed to get off the couch.
  2. Take Vitamin D (lack of sunshine does deplete your vitamin D stores)
  3. Play: Snowshoeing is my go to because it is free. There is also cross country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, ice-skating, hot springs, ice-climbing. Gather a friend or two and go night sledding with headlamps.
  4. Create a winter bucket list so you have fun things to look forward to
  5. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  6. Get adequate sleep but do not oversleep. We all need differing amounts of sleep but if you find yourself sleeping 10+hrs every night, start setting your alarm for earlier. Oversleeping makes you feel more sluggish
  7. Find a new indoor hobby. Perhaps teaching yourself guitar, how to knit, how to create websites, learn spanish. What’s a skill you think would be fun to have? or useful even?
  8. Buy some bright flowers to put on your table, carnations are cheap and last forever and are quite cheery. Diffuse orange or other citrus essential oils, it brightens the mood in the home

What have you found to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder? Share your thoughts with me below

Backcountry Birthday

I’ve always wanted to wake up in the mountains on my actual Birthday, this year my amazing husband made that happen.

Thursday evening we drove north towards Clear Lake. Thinking of an easy dinner that also includes tradition, we decided to order a pizza from our favorite ‘olde school house cafe’ and pick it up on our way to the mountains.

We arrived up at clear lake and quickly found a perfect spot to set up for the night, not many sleep here because it’s @ 12,000ft.  It was a very clear evening, so we set up the tent (without the rain fly) and set up our chairs before settling in to enjoy our pizza.

After pizza, we celebrated with a hostess cupcake and sparkler before mike gave me his gift on “Birthday Eve”. His gift to me was an actual medical book on high altitude medicine! How awesome! We spend a lot of time in high altitudes in Colorado and around the globe, so knowing more has always been an interest.

Before long the sun set and the stars starting to show themselves. I love the night sky, but this was seriously one of the best night sky’s I’ve ever seen. The milky way was very clear, the black outline of mountains on all sides and a sky FULL of stars. It was quite chilly at this point so I got in my sleeping bag and laid on my camping pad, looking up at the stars. I spotted 5 shooting stars and my man saw 8.

The next morning, we both woke up early and walked down to the lake for some incredible reflections! Then we ate our bagels, cream cheese and cold-brew coffee. I had asked for Birthday snail mail with wisdom, scriptures, promises for my next year, so I collected all my mail and brought it up to read on my birthday morning.

After soaking in the gorgeous morning, we packed up camp and got ready to hike the ridge.The trail is straight up the mountainside, so not far but incredibly exhuasting as you climb over 1,000ft in .25miles.

We summited and took it all in. No one else was on the ridge, just the wind and beauty! Coming back down was interesting as well with the steepness factor, but all in all it wasn’t bad.

Perfect start to my Birthday!!


Escape the crowds

The longer you spend in the backcountry, the more you crave solitude. While some favorite  hikes have become overpopulated, we look for places less traveled. A big part of refreshment comes from being alone in nature, no one else around.

I found this hike online, but found that it is not heavily traveled. We set out and found that it was quite difficult, finding the trail head. Once we found it, it was our own private hike the rest of the day.

We neared tree line and the clouds started rolling in thicker and heavier. Though we did not make our destination, we enjoyed the quiet beauty of mountains looming above and valleys full of wildflowers.

Perfect date day, if I do say so myself. Once the school year returns, I’m really going to miss these times, however I’ve been soaking them up this summer and very thankful for the time we’ve had.

What do you like to do for date days? Do you prefer populated trails or solitude when you hike?

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Vallecito Fireworks

Vallecito has always been known for their fireworks show, a day or two before the 4th. In the nearly 10yrs I have lived here, I never made it up that way. Now that we live in that direction, it was time!

Being a newb, I totally picked the wrong side of the lake to be on, however there were hardly any people and it was a very peaceful spot. Because of our location, the fireworks were not impressive, however just laying in the hammock together made for a perfect evening.

Perfect Spot
Love just being together
Amazing Fog from the earlier storm
It does not get much more peaceful than this
4th weekend 059
The show