Summer 2015 Highlights

  1. Road tripped 5,000miles @ Fulfilled a bucket list/dream item, swimming with the Manatee’s


2. Went to the ocean, not just any ocean, but white sand and crystal clear water! Panama City Beach, FL. We swam with 2 large sting-rays


3. Spent 15 days in Peru, 10 days trekking the Cordillera Blanca to share Jesus with people

Peru 2015 403

4. Celebrated my Golden Birthday, 29..on the 29th


5. Celebrated our 4th Anniversary, camping/hiking 8/27. Praise the Lord

anniversary 349

It has been an amazing summer! Beyond thankful for this adventure God has us on


Anniversary Hike, Celebration Hike (Part 2)

We woke up the next morning @ 7:30 a.m. with the sun poking through the tree’s. We were not in a hurry, so we sat around camp and enjoyed the stillness. We also ate a breakfast for champions…Nutella on leftover hot dog buns! That’s a win right there.

We packed up camp & set out on the trail. With all the wildfires this summer the sky’s are quite hazy, however it was still beyond beautiful! Take a look…I think you’ll agree.

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In the comments below, tell me about a time you celebrated a fun occasion with an outdoor adventure.

Anniversary Hike, Celebration Hike (Part 1)

Mike and I have been married for 4 yrs, today!

Each year as our Anniversary rolls around, we pick a place to explore. This year we decided on Blue Lakes outside of Ridgeway, CO. After church we packed up our car and were on our way, over red mountain. I love the feeling of leaving everything behind and being on the open road with my love. As civilization gives way to pristine mountain views and fresh pine tree’s, my soul begins to revive. Just me & the love of my life. We camped out at the trail head, then headed onto our 9.6mile (RT) hike the next morning.

For it being a car camping wilderness spot, it was not bad at all! We had a babbling brook to our left and a rushing river to the right. Sitting around the fire that night was perfection. You could hear the babbling brook out of one ear, the crackling fire in the middle and the rushing river out the other ear.

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How do you like to celebrate your Anniversary? Leave a comment below