Hammock=Enjoying the moment

I’ve always preferred being outside, from the moment I wake up until I go to bed. I have a great appreciation for quietness & the sounds of nature. I didn’t grow up with music in my ears nor the tv on at home. I grew up outside, where I’d climb tree’s and eat it’s fruits for hours, sitting on a tree branch high up, watching the clouds go by. I would ride my bike with just the sound of wind in my hair. As I grew, I really enjoyed summit-ting mountains, just to sit in the stillness at the top. Taking in the breathtaking beauty all around me, being in Awe of God.

Then I was introduced to the hammock! Ok really, it is the perfect place to just BE. You just sit or lay back, being swayed by the breeze. All you can see is whatever gorgeous view you set up by or the sky with the clouds floating past. The only sounds, are the birds chirping or a rushing stream or the gentle wind. All too often I feel we have lost the art of being, of being still. We prefer to DO.

Our lives fill up so quickly and it passes us by even quicker. When was the last time you just stopped and just WERE? Just soaked in the present moment and enjoyed just being. It’s not about emptying your mind and going numb, but when we get away and just ARE, we can focus on the Lord & praise His name. If it’s been a while, I suggest you start now. Grab a hammock and find your perfect place. hammock ambassador 044

hammock ambassador 090hammock hang number 1

**Disclaimer: this past July I became an Ambassador for Elevate Hammocks. It is a local company that makes a high quality product for an affordable price. I get no benefit for selling hammocks, just the joy of seeing others enjoy!**

You benefit however, if you use my promo code, RachelEHC you can get a hammock for $38.90 + tax + Shipping. You can’t beat that!


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