Cliff Jumping, in cascade canyon

One of the many adventures mountain man Mike & I fell in love doing together is Cascade Canyon. We ended up jumping cascade after our wedding in lieu of dancing, with our bridal party.  We would go 15-20x a summer. Typically we would go every Sunday after church and some Saturday’s as well and some afternoons after work. Anyone that wanted to come, was welcome. We’ve taken countless college students, colleagues, friends of friends, family.  This is the 9th summer and we hadn’t had the chance to go, so we thought it would be fun to take our college students.

Turns out the huge afternoon rainstorms we’ve been having have made the water higher than we typically take people in. I decided I would be the photo taker as well as towel carrier at the bottom of the canyon, waiting for the jumpers.  It was beautiful as always. Unfortunately with the higher water, and cold water, only 3 of the 15 made it all the way through!

I cannot blame the others for turning around or climbing out when you can. Overall It was a fantastic afternoon, after church.

The group, plus 5 others who are not pictured


Hiking down into the canyonwaterfalls 007

Isn’t it beautiful?waterfalls 027

As the photographer, I got my feet inwaterfalls 030 waterfalls 032 waterfalls 066 waterfalls 077 waterfalls 079 waterfalls 082 waterfalls 083


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