High Altitude Cookie Monster

I hit gold, when I found this recipie that I am about to share with you all. I have lived in Colorado all of my adult life and a year ago we moved even higher to 8,100ft.

I love baking and cookies are my absolute favorite, so I have experimented and have been trying recipies since 2007. I started with the frog commisarry cookbook chocolate chip cookie’s. Then I found a pudding mix recipie that was amazing, however one night I did not have pudding mix.

My husband and I seem to get cookie hankerings around 10pm at night. So I went on good ol pinterest to see what I could find. I was hopeful but not holding my breath, I have made SO many reicipies and many are not that awesome.

One fateful evening, I stumbled accross “pinch of yum”. She became my cookie hero. Click the link for the recipe


I am here to say, they are the absolute best I have ever made or eaten. They turn out EVERY single time.

FOLLOW my high altitude tips if you live higher up, the things to not forget…

A. Room Temperature Butter is Key (so set the stick out on the counter for a couple hours). That is what makes mine turn out perfect EVERY time. **If you melt it, it will not turn out at high altitude.**

-I use non-salted butter & I put a Tablespoon of Vanilla

B. Do not overcook. I cook mine for 10mins (I make big cookies)

C. I add a little extra flour (altitude tip)


mountain oatmeal 006mountain oatmeal 009



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