Everest themed movie night

Hosting themed movie nights is something I love to do! So naturally as Everest was our favorite movie from last year,which is now also out on DVD…we decided to have an Everest night!

We started brainstorming ideas for it and quickly decided on the menu, dessert and chai.

There would be ‘Everest in a blanket’ and Masala Chai. We love our local Himalayan Kitchen and were thrilled to be inspired by their menu. Thankfully for us they have a store next door to the restaraunt that sells packets of the loose leaf tea for the chai. And Everest in a blanket? well, it’s a crepe with vanilla ice cream in the middle rolled up and chocolate syrup on the top.

I like to decorate as well…I went online and found the famous sign that says “this way to m.t. Everest b.c.” and figured out how I would make it. All I would need would be a bright yellow posterboard, red paint and a sharpie. Next we started thinking of other snack idea’s. Mountain man suggested “DEX” which is the high altitude medication many climbers take. So we got a bowl of skittles together for that. I started looking online for mountain shaped treats, I found no bake mountain cookies. So I made those a week before to see if they would work…it wasn’t as cute as the ones I saw online. But it got my brain going and I remembered we had a bag of hershey kisses (from Halloween…don’t tell anyone). I thought ooo I could use those for the mountain and then use white chocolate for the snow on top, perfect! I started unwrapping all the hershey kisses and then stuck them in the freezer for a while so that when I was adding melted white chocoalte my mountain wouldn’t melt. To offset all the sweet I added some pretzel rods and tons of popcorn. Oh and of course glacier water.

Now keep in mind, our whole cabin is only 800sq ft, the living room is only a teeny tiny part of that amount. However, we have managed to fit 20 people in there before for a movie night. We have a love seat, one recliner and stadium seating (aka the stairs). We also throw down 3 mattresses on the floor for people to lay on etc.

The night was perfect! We drank 4 gallons of chai, ate 19 Everests in a blanket and all the mini-chocolate Everest’s and DEX were gone. Along with the popcorn and pretzel rods.

Here’s to hosting parties even in smaller spaces! We had 19 last night and it was a great night.

more pictures to come….these are not the highest quality but it gives you an idea

everest night



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