Seasonal Affective Disorder

use-this-oneThis photo was taken today…signifying a major shift in seasons. My favorite nature color has vanished (green).

It took me years to admit it, but I suffer from S.A.D. As someone who loves to be active, loves to be outdoors-playing, there is a long season up ahead. The season that begins at the later stages of fall and goes through the winter. Besides not being as active, I am affected greatly by color and temperature. When the whole world turns from lush, vibrant tones of greens into greys, whites, browns and from sunny warm days to blistery cold ones…. It typically sends me into depression. I noticed each winter I became sluggish, sad, depressed but once I realized what was going on I also discovered that if I’m pro-active, I could prevent the majority of it.

I’ve found there are some ways to combat S.A.D. I know everyone who suffers from this may be different, some of it is due to chemical imbalances in the brain (so check with your dr.) I just wanted to share what I’ve discovered, alot of it is what my husband has helped me see, and maybe it could help someone else.

Start planning ahead.

As fall begins it is a gorgeous season, deep blue sky’s, sunshine, colorful leaves, but before you know it, the sun starts setting sooner, the sky’s produce more cloudy days and the leaves turn to brown and shrivel. The days begin to get colder…

Here is a list of things that have helped me. The number one difference maker is my #1 on the list.

  1. Exercise: If you have a routine, continue it even if it is an outdoor one like running.You can run in the winter, just learn to dress properly for it. If you do not have a routine, start one. Get moving, get some cardio going now. If you wait until its too late you’ll be too depressed to get off the couch.
  2. Take Vitamin D (lack of sunshine does deplete your vitamin D stores)
  3. Play: Snowshoeing is my go to because it is free. There is also cross country skiing, downhill skiing, sledding, ice-skating, hot springs, ice-climbing. Gather a friend or two and go night sledding with headlamps.
  4. Create a winter bucket list so you have fun things to look forward to
  5. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  6. Get adequate sleep but do not oversleep. We all need differing amounts of sleep but if you find yourself sleeping 10+hrs every night, start setting your alarm for earlier. Oversleeping makes you feel more sluggish
  7. Find a new indoor hobby. Perhaps teaching yourself guitar, how to knit, how to create websites, learn spanish. What’s a skill you think would be fun to have? or useful even?
  8. Buy some bright flowers to put on your table, carnations are cheap and last forever and are quite cheery. Diffuse orange or other citrus essential oils, it brightens the mood in the home

What have you found to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder? Share your thoughts with me below


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