What refreshes me most!

There is one thing that brings me refreshment, makes me feel alive like nothing else! Adventure!! with at least 1 likeminded person.

For those looking in from the outside and would like to understand where I am coming from, here’s a definition.

Adventure: It Involves excitment, a certain level of danger, a physical challenge, risk, things not going as planned, spontaneous,  The outcome is not necessarily certain.

A snapshot of what this looks like:

Longs Peak  14, 259ft: Deciding to Hike last minute, so I stayed up all day already and all night and we left at 2am to start our hike.We hiked the first 6miles in the dark arriving at the keyhole for sunrise. GORGEOUS! We planned to summit but the snow was too deep for the final 1.5miles, so we sat in the notch and ate breakfast.

Coming down from the notch, after sunrise and breakfast (I’m the 3rd one):


Back in the Boulder field, heading down


Jumping Cascade: Its freezing cold- always, the water is sometimes faster moving than others, the jumps are small but the beauty, the slight risk, the challenge- mostly because of the COLD water. Its always fun and refreshing.


Hiking in a blizzard:  Summiting a peak that drops off on all sides. A blizzard moves in quickly and you become disoriented.Trying to figure out how to get off the summit is a blast! One direction  you go, cliffs out, another direction, cliffs out. Eventually you figure it out, you are soaked from the heavy wet snow, and so alive!


Spontaneous night sledding:You free, right now? Yes? Lets go! 17 degrees, not the proper clothing, sledded above durango town lights with a headlamp. The icey snow blasting our faces as we flew down the mountain on our tobbogan


Spontaneous Road trip to California to learn to surf:  Packed up the car, and left after work. 12hrs later arrived in San Clemente

Gator Surfing, we also rented real surfboards and attempted it…gator was way more fun


Wave Jumping @ sunset:


Skayaking: Being pulled behind the car, in a kayak on the snow. Attemping to dump the person or people out. 25-30mph never felt so fast in my life lol


Spontaneous carthweels: Pull the car over!!! two people jump out and frolick, and carthwheel  (I’m the one whose legs are not straight)


Night Kayaking the Animas: Whatcha doin? Grabs both kayaks and heads to the put in off 32nd street. Seeing a family of racoons washing dinner in the river, me: slamminng into rocks in the river and almost flipping over multiple times.carrying the kayaks back, via the train tracks.


These are just a few of the ways I’ve found that refresh me, make me come alive! Adventure is fully embracing with joy and excitment things gone wrong, things unexpected. A trip fully planned out and executed flawlessly is not adventure. If its fully planned to have no risk, no spontenaity, no danger, therefore no excitment.. its just a trip, even if its in the woods and the backcountry.

What makes a great Adventure Buddy:

1.Already has the same passion for adventure as you do and is living it, even when you are not around. It’s part of their DNA too. They get just as excited and pumped for things unexpected, gone wrong,detours, rediculous things that just happen etc and laugh about it.

2. Someone who is the same fitness level as you. Somomeone you do not have to worry about if they can make it or if they can handle it. Someone who can push on to explore that other mountain over there… just because you spotted it on your way to the original mountain

3. Up for absolutely anything. Easy going,goes along with whatever.  Jumping in a cold body of water, doing random cartwheels or snowangels along the way, up for grabbing pizza at a snazzy spot because all your gear and bodies are drenched from days backpacking in a storm. They are up for exploring the lake that may or may not be miles beyond what you intended to go, etc.

4. Someone who can have  deep meaningful conversation with,someone who asks great questions,and enjoys answering too,but also is ok with silence. Someone who can be silly and joke around, is laughable, jolly, likes to sing sometimes or dance a little even.  Sometimes I just want to soak in the beauty around me, the sounds…so a buddy who doesn’t always have to be talking.

Thankful for the people God has given me who are this! In particular this summer I got to be on a girls trip where the other 3 gals were exactly this! Favorite girls trip of my life.

Do not get me wrong. I enjoy being outdoors even if its not what I would consider an adventure. It just don’t breathe life into me like true Adventure does.


Valentines Challenge


Valentines is quickly approaching! It is a holiday I have enjoyed, since childhood. It feels whimsical, pink & red colored construction paper hearts, an array of fun candy, cute little notes that come in all shapes and sizes.

I also know it is a day many people feel is only in existance as a harsh reminder that one is single or alone in this world. I have a challenge for you!

Wheather you find yourself in the boat of, I love this holiday and I’m already buying and eating the candy I intended to give to my friends,or I’m not concerned about the day because I have a significant other or I hate this holiday….this challenge is for you!

This Valentines Day 2017, May it be a day to remind ONE person, someone cares, someone notices them, someone see’s the good in them.

We want to be people who look/live like Christ, right? So we must walk every day in and by his spirit.God uses us to show his love, to one another, but we must be attentive and then take action. When someone comes to our minds, that is HIM putting them their, so act on it. If nobody is already on your mind,  ask God to bring someone to mind that could really use this in their life right now. You may find, a few people come to mind and if your funds will allow then do something for each one.

However just come up with ONE and then continue below. Perhaps its a close friend, a classmate,someone you see every day but don’t even know, a family member, a co-worker,  someone you do not get along with, or the post office worker.

Here are some idea’s of what you could do, depending on $

Super broke, Ideas:

  1. Draw hearts on the sidewalk with words of love for strangers walking by
  2. Call or text someone in your life that needs to be reminded of how much they are loved. Do not group text, make it personal
  3. Re-purpose any piece of paper you have laying around, to write a note, then drop it off at their door, leave it on their desk, stick it in their shoe, etc.
  4. Spend the day with someone
  5. Verbally share, how much they mean to you and something you love about them
  6. Make an Orgami heart (google it)

I think I have some change laying around somewhere, Ideas:

  1. Find pink/red paper & cut into heart shape, or use pink sticky notes, or find some surface you can write on (be creative), buy an envelope and a stamp
  2.  write something you love about the person on it, seal it, mail or hand deliver
  3. Buy one little treat to put with your valentine note. Could be a single piece of chocolate, a single flower, perhaps just something you know that person enjoys…don’t forget to draw a heart or something on it :p
  4. For the cost of a stamp and envelope you get 3 free “you are loved” pins: https://www.youarelovedby.com/
  5. Buy colorful or fun pattern paper: make small envelopes out of it. Inside each envelope on a little piece of paper, write Scripture truths you think would encourage the person, perhaps make up 5-7 to open one a day for a week
  6. Walmart sells a bundle of 8 heart shaped lollipops for $1, can’t beat that! That’s 8 people you can bring a smile to their face
  7. Buy a pack of delicious tea (each tea bag is individually wrapped), add that to your note

The not broke, Ideas: 

  1. Make or buy a valentine card, write something you love about the person on it
  2. Bake some delicious valentine themed goodies (brownies, cookiebars,etc) . Fun ideas: google 28 sexy brownies to spend Valentines Day with
  3. Browse the Valentines aisle at walmart or walgreen’s and pick up a few items (perhaps a stuffed animal $4.99 @ walgreen’s), etc.
  4. Buy carnations and hand them out to your friends or even strangers, $7 for a whole bunch of them at City Market
  5. Buy these pins: https://www.youarelovedby.com/

**If you are mailing anything, mail it by February 8th at the latest**

What ideas do you have? Drop me a comment below, I would love to hear them