Back Yard Adventure


I was gearing up to leave town for the week, so before I left I wanted to play one last time, with my mountain man. We decided to keep it simple and just hike the hill behind our house

It has been warmer recently so in my mind I assumed the snow was melted. I’m not sure why, because its only March but I was hopeful haha. Anyways, we needed snowshoes.

What I love about the hike behind our house is there are not alot of defined trails, so you find a new route every time you go out. We have never run accross anyone else, so its also peaceful and a nice getaway.

There are two kinds of hiking I enjoy. Social hikes & Solitude hikes. Social hikes I enjoy going with a group of 4-6 people, I love running accross other parties on the trail and meeting new people.

Othertimes I prefer going with one other person and mostly just soaking in the quiet beauty of nature. Anyways, hiking with my man usually is a great balance of both. Hiking is mostly done in solitude, enjoying the sounds of nature, but there are times of converstaion as well.


We found our way up the hill in time for sunset. It was fun trekking through snow, rocks, hard pack and powder.



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