Making the most of every opportunity

There is something about summer time that makes me come to life. Perhaps, it is the lush green hills and meadows, the warmth of the sun, the long days and opportunity for adventure. There’s something about this season that I love more than any other season.

A comment I often get from others when talking about visiting different places, exploring is “of course you’ve done that, you’ve done everything”. That comment brings back painful memories of when I first moved to the USA. When I would just talk about my normal life everyone told me I was bragging, when in reality I was just talking about my everyday. I’ve always made the most of every opportunity. I have free time? Instead of chillin at home watching netflix, I always choose getting out and adventuring. I’ve never been a homebody, I’ve always enjoyed exploring my world. Meeting new people is an enjoyment for me, something I desperately desire. Exploring new areas particularrly in nature makes me come to life.

I grew up traveling most weekends and being active. Spending too much time at home or in the same place makes me feel antsy and stuck. I spent every weekday outside all day long. So its only natural for me to want to continue that. My teens were spent traveling when I could and adventuring. My 20’s I jam packed with the same thing. So at 30 now, I’ve seen and done a ton.

I don’t plan on slowing down now.  The focus of my life has always been loving people & outdoor adventure.

We all have the same amount of time every day, each week, each year. But we all choose to spend that time differently. Outdoor Adventure is not an expensive hobby once you’ve gathered up all the gear over the years. It often is only the cost of gas which is cheaper or equivalent to going to the movies with your significant other, except in my mind creating more memories and experiencing the world around me.

Childhood: traveled all around Europe & USA on visits

Teens: traveled to europe 3 times to help my parents teach english-got to roadtrip around england & scotland afterwards, went to Romania at 16 to help orphans, roadtripped to Galveston, San Diego, Las Angeles with my best friend, roadtripped around Colorado many different weekends with my mom for getaways,flew in a wind tunnel, went skydiving at 18,  roadtripped in Seattle & Canada with mom-going to Vancouver and Victoria Island, capilano suspension bridge. Went to Romania at 18 for 3 months on my own to help orphans, got to travel around a lot and go to greece by myself to meet up with my brother and his team, 19  went to New Orleans for Katrina relief. 19 backpacked up longs peak twice, climbed 2 other 14ers, rafted browns canyon the class 4-5 by myself with a random group of strangers. Learned to whitewater kayak, went fishing and caught my first fish, hiked in Rocky Mountain National Park when able to. Rocky Mountain National Park for every 4th of July. Crack Climbing, 4 wheeling, homeless ministries, Roadtripping all accross the south with my grandma and dad visiting family. Roadtripping north carolina mountains with my dad. Exploring the smokies.

21-hiked every single free moment I had, floated the river weekly, jumped waterfalls weekly.

22-24 hiked a crazy ton, roadtripped to Kansas city 3x( once just for a day to watch a football game), roadtripped to a wedding in california stopping in lake Tahoe, the northen coast, yosemite, grand canyon for sunrise. Roadtripped with family to explore the tetons,yellowstone,glacier,banff national park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park. Roadtripped to San Clemente to learn to surf, Moab girls trip Arches National Park, SandDunes National Park trip,  Roadtripped to Pismo Beach to visit Jana. Mission trip to Ch*na and another closed country.

25-30: Went to the Philippines 2x, Peru 2x, Mexico 2x, roadtripped: Durango to Florida, Durango to Kansas City 2x, Durango to Washington State, drove to Glacier National park for a girls backpacking trip, Moab Arches National Park x 4, Grand Canyon x3, Carlsbad Caverns, hiked locally on a weekly basis every summer, Rocky Mountain National Park snowshoeing, horshoe bend 3x, antelope canyon 2x….there’s tons of other places I’ve explored too. Tons of 4wheeling out of Silverton, Lake City, Telluride. Flying to North Carolina to be with my Grandma.

This is just normal life to me, because getting up and going places is what refreshes me.



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