mountain topHello!

I’ve been living a life of Adventure, since childhood. I spent my days  climbing tree’s, picking fruit, camping, exploring and hiking around the alps. My love for adventure led me to Southwest Colorado where I currently reside with my husband, in a cozy log cabin.

I spend as much of my time possible, outdoors or if I must…inside creating. I love Hiking, backpacking, rafting, cliff jumping, camping, 4 wheeling, resting in my ‘elevate hammock, skiing, snowshoeing, fort building,reading the Bible & photography. I’m also a fan of learning guitar, creating in my kitchen & crafting beauty. I’m not a pro at any one thing, but I enjoy each of these things, equally.

I am here to share my Adventures all around Southwest Colorado, abroad and even the every day life, at home. Also sharing what God is showing me along the way.

Why Mountain Chipmunk Adventures? When I met my husband, I quickly named him Grizzly (bear) because he’s a hardcore mountain man. One day he started calling me Chipmunk, because they are nature’s mini-bears, and I tended to pouch grapes in my cheeks. It kinda just stuck…


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