Girls Re-united

The older you get the more you realize how blessed you are by deep friendships. Though jobs tend to move people more frequently, I couldn’t be more thankful for the moments we do have, together. My friend J, K and I have been great friends since 2007. We all share the same adventurous spirit as well as love for meaningful conversation. K is up in Alaska now, but came down for a visit! What a delightful time. Join us on our Adventure.

We took the San Juan Skyway which goes from Durango to Silverton to Ouray and ends in Telluride.

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Girls trip 09114Girls trip 150162015



Thankful to live minutes away from two good sized lakes. It is not too hard to take a few extra minutes to pack a special lunch and go eat it out there. It had been sunny and warm all morning and as soon as we set up, so did the clouds and wind.


Pic-Nic spot
Drink of choice

date day 014


date day 009

Enjoying the time together
My handsome man!



Animas Mountain Trail

When spring arrives, the desire to get out hiking re-imerges as well. However, where we live hiking is limited, this time of year.  The snow levels are still too high, you cannot get into the high country until end of June early July.

Animas Mountain is a nice 5.8mile loop trail on the edge of town. Sayoko, one of the foreign exchange students was wanting to hike with us before she left. We were in the middle of a weeklong monsoon, however it was still gorgeous. Hope you enjoy!

Animas mt 2THE MAIN VALLEYanimas mt 3animas mt 1animas mt 6MUD SEASONanimas mt 7BEAUTIFUL SPRING FLOWERSanimas mt4HIDDEN VALLEY/FALLS CREEK

Girlfriend Dates

As spring has fully sprung, I’ve come out of hibernation-which is where I prefer to be.

My sweet friend Jana takes her kayak out after work,throughout the week. I asked if I could tag along this time and catch up!

What a perfect evening. As I had been the one home that day after my night shift, I packed the dinner picnic. We set up our diy build your own taco salad bar. Also Jana brought some fun non-alchoholic drinks. It was gingerale, frozen raspberries and raspberry juice (super delicious). Also because she is awesome, she bought really fun cups!

We spent dinner time eating and talking, oh what fun! We could talk, forever. But now it was time to kayak the perimiter of the lake. It was a perfect evening, a slight breeze, the sun starting to set. Couldn’t have asked for a better gal pal afternoon.

We finished the perimeter and beached the kayaks for a little longer to talk. Before we knew it, it was time to part ways and return home to our husbands.



Leave me a comment: What is your favorite after work adventure?


Everest themed movie night

Hosting themed movie nights is something I love to do! So naturally as Everest was our favorite movie from last year,which is now also out on DVD…we decided to have an Everest night!

We started brainstorming ideas for it and quickly decided on the menu, dessert and chai.

There would be ‘Everest in a blanket’ and Masala Chai. We love our local Himalayan Kitchen and were thrilled to be inspired by their menu. Thankfully for us they have a store next door to the restaraunt that sells packets of the loose leaf tea for the chai. And Everest in a blanket? well, it’s a crepe with vanilla ice cream in the middle rolled up and chocolate syrup on the top.

I like to decorate as well…I went online and found the famous sign that says “this way to m.t. Everest b.c.” and figured out how I would make it. All I would need would be a bright yellow posterboard, red paint and a sharpie. Next we started thinking of other snack idea’s. Mountain man suggested “DEX” which is the high altitude medication many climbers take. So we got a bowl of skittles together for that. I started looking online for mountain shaped treats, I found no bake mountain cookies. So I made those a week before to see if they would work…it wasn’t as cute as the ones I saw online. But it got my brain going and I remembered we had a bag of hershey kisses (from Halloween…don’t tell anyone). I thought ooo I could use those for the mountain and then use white chocolate for the snow on top, perfect! I started unwrapping all the hershey kisses and then stuck them in the freezer for a while so that when I was adding melted white chocoalte my mountain wouldn’t melt. To offset all the sweet I added some pretzel rods and tons of popcorn. Oh and of course glacier water.

Now keep in mind, our whole cabin is only 800sq ft, the living room is only a teeny tiny part of that amount. However, we have managed to fit 20 people in there before for a movie night. We have a love seat, one recliner and stadium seating (aka the stairs). We also throw down 3 mattresses on the floor for people to lay on etc.

The night was perfect! We drank 4 gallons of chai, ate 19 Everests in a blanket and all the mini-chocolate Everest’s and DEX were gone. Along with the popcorn and pretzel rods.

Here’s to hosting parties even in smaller spaces! We had 19 last night and it was a great night.

more pictures to come….these are not the highest quality but it gives you an idea

everest night


Free National Parks Day

I’ve always wanted to visit one of the National Parks on one of their free days. Mountain man and I do not live close to any of the National Parks that we enjoy visiting. However, this year I found myself in Colorado Springs for my best friend’s (from highschool) wedding.

Jan. 18th was a free day for Rocky Mountain National Park. There is one winter hike in particular that I had done way back in highschool. Ever since then it has sat at the top of my favorites list.

My parents were up for the adventure, so we decided we would go for it. It is a 2 1/2hr drive from Colorado Springs, well worth the drive for the beauty you get to see.

We packed up a lunch, some mint brownies (to celebrate my mom’s Birthday early) and plenty of water and layers of clothing. We reached the park along with everyone else in the whole state (it was a free day, afterall).

The moment we opened our car doors, it felt like the wind would blow them off. You would open the trunk to grab something out and the wind would slam it down. Thankfully we were prepared. With merino wool long underwear, fleece long underwear and REI windproof/waterproof hiking pants the lower half was toasty warm. The upper half just needed merrino wool longunderwear, Patagonia fleece and my Patagonia down sweater hooded jacket and of course my favorite pom pom beanie.

We went from Bear lake, crossing over nymph, crossing over dream lake and ending at Emerald lake, 3.6miles roundtrip. Such breathtaking scenery!


  1. Before entering the Park,  we are headed to the white out between the mountainsRocky Mountain National Park 0292. Mom crossing Nymph Lake (below)Rocky Mountain National Park 0433. Getting closer to Dream lakeRocky Mountain National Park 0584. Dream Lake crossing…the wind was fierce! the face was cold (below)Rocky Mountain National Park 0615. Me at Dream Lakesnowshoeing with parents 0476. Isn’t this place incredible? the final climb up to Emerland lakeRocky Mountain National Park 0717. Our final destination, Emerald lakeRocky Mountain National Park 076It was so cold up here, the winds were intense, we did not stay very long. Just long enough to set up my ELEVATE HAMMOCK

snowshoeing with parents 030

 Where are your favorite places to snowshoe?

Snowmageddon 2015

Colorado is known for, Snow, of course. However, we’d had some mild winters the past few years. It is an El Nino this year which signify’s good moisture for us, and sure enough December hit and it decided to snow as much as almost all of last year, in a couple of weeks.

We’ve gotten at least 3 1/2ft-4ft of snow or more between Dec. 12-Dec. 26th. Our days have been spent shoveling our driveway out & sitting by the wood stove warming up.

Let it snow, let it snow, let is snow…

amazing christmas snow 036amazing christmas snow 040amazing christmas snow 030amazing christmas snow 059

How much snow have you gotten this winter?